5 Months

Benjamin (left) & Michael (right)

I’m a little late in posting their 5-month update (but at least it’s before their 6-month update is due).  The boys are both eating rice cereal and oatmeal on a regular basis now.  We are starting to add in some green veggies.  Hopefully, the boys will inherit Mom’s taste for veggies and not Dad’s.

Both Michael and Benjamin are rolling from their backs to their tummies on a regular basis. We frequently find Benjamin on his tummy in the morning now. Michael has rolled back over to his back one time so far. Michael has become a jumping fool when he is in his jumperoo toy. The boys are starting to explore different toys and just about everything goes into their mouth at some point.

Michael was sent home from daycare for the first time for having a fever. Luckily, it was nothing serious and Michael got to spend the next day at home with Daddy. (Mommy and Daddy would like to thank him for passing along his little cold to us.) This was the first time that Michael and Benjamin have been separated for any length of time. They both did great on their own.

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