Seven Months

Michael (left) & Benjamin (right)

Michael (left) & Benjamin (right)

The boys went to their 6 month doctor appointment at 7 months old. Here are their stats:

Michael – 19 lbs 5 oz and 27 1/4″
Benjamin – 19 lbs and 27″

No wonder they feel heavy when we carry them (especially in the carseats). Ben is now getting 2 more teeth up top and is scooting around on his belly. He hasn’t figured out how to go forward but is getting good at going backwards and rolling to get where he wants. I don’t think it will be long before he is crawling. Michael likes to roll but hasn’t figured out the scooting yet but I’m sure it won’t be long.

Saturday was a sad day as we put the swing in the basement. The boys were reaching the weight limit and we had pretty much weaned them from it. That swing was definately worth the investment as both boys spent many an hour there sleeping. Both boys are getting much more active and don’t like to be confined anywhere. They love to sit and play with their toys.

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